MultiScreenshots is a Windows program to take multiple screenshots automatically. A time interval can be set, as low as 10 seconds as well as a duration to automatically stop the capturing process. The whole screen can be captured or only a part of the visible screen.

Download (freeware)


Windows 2000 or newer


Extract the ZIP archive and copy the included files to a new directory. Start the program’s executable file.


When starting the program for the first time you can choose the program’s language and have to accept the disclaimer.

By clicking the [settings] button in the upper left you can change the program’s language.

Before starting the screenhot making process, take a look at the available settings:

  1. -Target folder
    Choose a target folder where the screenshots will be saved. Make sure that there is enough drive space available. I recommend not to choose the C drive, because then you risk filling it up to the last byte if the screenshot taking process runs too long.

  2. -Format
    JPG or Bitmap can be selected here. JPG files are generally smaller but are compressed, so they do not represent 100% of the image quality, that the Bitmap format offers.

  3. -Quality
    This setting only applies if you have selected the JPG format. The JPG image quality can be chosen here. A higher quality means a higher file size for each screenshot. I recommend 85% to 90%.

  4. -Prefix
    With this text every screenshot filename will start.

  5. -Suffix
    This text will be appended top the screenshot filename.

  6. -Naming
    You can select the naming scheme here. Either the files are named sequentially or with the current date and time or with a fixed name. Check your local computer time before starting, so the filename is accurate.

  7. -Interval
    The interval sets the time when a new screenshot is taken. If you set this to 1 minute, then the first screenshot will be taken in a minute and the following one minute after that. The minimum time that can be set here is 10 seconds. Any value lower than that will be set to 10 seconds.

  8. -Stop after
    Here a time can be set after which the screenshot making process will be stopped. Please take into consideration that taking multiple hundreds or thousands of Full HD screenhots need alot of harddisk space.

  9. -Screen area
    The default setting is to use the whole screen area for the screenshot. However, you can also select only a part of the screen. Then a preview of the current desktop is displayed and you can set the area for the screenshot making process.

  10. -Minimize when starting
    By default the program is minimized when the screenshots are taken, but it can be disabled here.

By clicking the [play] button in the lower left the screenshot making process will be started. You can stop it at any time by clicking the [stop] button in the lower left or by closing the program itself.

Program settings are saved on a user basis, so if you have different user accounts on your machine you have to make these settings separately for each user. The program offers a “clean” function to remove the Windows Registry entries that have been created.


  1. -1.0.0: initial release

  2. -1.0.1: now the target directory can be another drive or a network share, too

  3. -1.0.2: minor enhancements to the design and texts

  4. -1.0.3: the filename can be set to a fixed name, minor enhancements

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

  1. -there are no FAQs for the program yet, so please send me a mail if you have questions !


- by: Free Software