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16. Jan 2016

  1. -MultiScreenshots 1.0.3 released

  2. -iOS development is discontinued, so TaskLister is not available any longer on Apple’s app store

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This page and my work is about creating programs and tools that every person can learn and use in a short time. I’m focusing on software to make everyday tasks as simple and smooth as possible. As a single developer I create each program from the ground up in my spare time. They are designed to be free from dependencies on other software and to run on a wide range of PC’s.

If you have questions or comments regarding my programs please use the support page to send me a message. For general questions, suggestions, feedback and information about the author take a look at the imprint page.


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ClearTempFiles 1.0

MultiScreenshots 1.0.3

WinShutdown 1.0