ClearTempFiles is a Windows program to clean the temporary files directory of the currently logged in user. Over time many files accumulate in the temporary files directory and take up precious harddisk space. With a single click these files are cleared out as well as empty directories within the temporary files folder.

The program shows a listing of the files so the user can decide if there are important files which should be saved first. An automatic mode can be activated within the program’s options so the program cleans automatically after the program has been started.


Download (freeware)

Windows 2000 or newer

Extract the ZIP archive and copy the included files to a new directory. Start the program’s executable file.

When starting the program for the first time you can choose the program’s language and have to accept the disclaimer.

Program settings are saved on a user basis, so if you have different user accounts on your machine you have to make these settings separately for each user. The program offers a clean function to remove the Windows Registry entries that have been created.

- 1.0.0: initial release
- 1.0.1: EULA update

FAQ (frequently asked questions)
- there are no FAQs for the program yet, so please send me a mail if you have questions !

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